Proactiva Strategy M&A is the division of the Proactiva group specialised in strategic planning and M&A.

Our Mission is to design, plan and implement business ideas, in other words to ‘make things happen’.

Design of effective and efficient organizational models to meet business goals

\ Mapping of organizational models: identification of roles, activities, responsibilities
\ Analysis of the main key procedures: subjects involved and activities carried out
\ Identification and evaluation of organizational inefficiencies
\ Redesign of the organizational model
\ Redesign of key procedures

Setting of Performance Measurement Systems

\ Identification, together with the Management, of the objectives and dimensions of analysis of the measurement system (eg performance by business line / geographical area / distribution channel)
\ Design of the reporting structure based on the dimensions of analysis identified
\ Assistance in the budgeting process
\ Continuous monitoring of final data and variances in comparison to budget data and support in the definition of company forecasts